Creating sampling distribution from multiple student inputs

I am trying to have Desmos create a sampling distribution of means with each student entering 4 means. I found a great Desmos activity that I tried to copy but I couldn’t make it work.

I am trying to get screen 8 to graph inputs from screens 4 - 7 to create a sampling distribution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am definitely new to CL.

Hi Kathryn! I love this idea for introducing a sampling distribution of means.
Here is a copy of your activity with a couple small edits on screen 8:

I left some notes explaining the changes, but here’s the overview:

  • the graph had lists named N, E, P, and W. Each one is now hooked up via aggregate to one of the inputs on screens 4-7.
  • the graph was calculating values called min and max, and I put these into bounds in CL so that when students first land on the graph, it is scaled to show all the class data (but note that if they land on the graph while their classmates are still entering data, I think they may sometimes need to zoom out/pan around the graph to see new data points)

I hope that helps!

Thanks for your help! Next question.

Now, I would like for the graph on screen 2 to also show the mean of the data on the graph and again for screen 9 to show the mean of the data on the graph. I tried to copy an idea I found from Jay Chow to create another graph on screen 3 showing the same data from screen 2 but with the mean included. Similarly, screen 10 would show the same data from screen 9 but with the mean included. This will save us a lot of class time not having to calculate the mean by hand.

However, I am not as smart as Jay Chow and I don’t know how to make this happen. Can you help me?

Ok, let me make sure I’m following: for screen 2, students will see a dot plot of their data from screen 1. For screen 3, they will seem the same dot plot, plus a marker for the mean of the data. Does that sound right? To make that happen there are two quick steps: (1) add a line of CL on screen 3 that says

numberList("N"): graph1.numberList("N")

and (2) in the graph, turn off the line and uncheck the label for the median, which is currently on top of the label for the mean. This will carry the data over to screen 3; everything else was already set up.

For screens 9/10, you should be able to copy and paste most of your set up from screens 2/3. You’ll want to use L instead of N as the number list, because L is the combined data from screens 5-8.