Show correct or incorrect after submitting

There are many forums about showing “Correct” if they are correct or “try again!” if they are wrong and I want to start using this script but I am very new with scripting on Desmos. Is there a video that I can watch that will explain how to do these computations? I would love to start with something very simple like if the slide says what is 2+2, and if the student submits “4”, it’ll respond “correct” and if they type anything else, it will say “try again!”

If there isn’t a video, If you can explain it step by step that would be awesome as well!

Thank you!!

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Hi I tend to put a few questions on a slide then use a 3 column table fro the students to put their answers in.

The code I then use to mark each line is:

cellContent(1,2): when t.cellNumericValue(1,2)=4 “:white_check_mark:” OTHERWISE “N”

At the top I use an alias ,eg: t=table1 , that way I can copy the code and reuse it without having to change much.