Show picture when correct/incorrect

I’m trying to make two things happen. When the students check their answer I want a picture to show up on the graph for either correct or incorrect answer.

Here is my activity and its slide #10 that i’m trying to get this work. Thanks in advance for the help.

Have a number in the graph changed base on correctness.

number(`n`): when input.submitted
             (when correct 1 otherwise 0)
             otherwise 100

Then for one of the parameters of the correct image, add {n=1}. You’re just adding a restriction like you would to a function.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me. My CL knowledge is like super beginner. I have been able to learn slowly by using CLs from tons of awesome people out there so far. I don’t think I fully understand yet what you are trying to say. Is there anyway you can edit my slide 10 for me to understand the code for it.

Your help is much appreciated!

Sure thing. There are changes in the table, and graph CL. And in the graph itself.

This is awesome! Thanks do you so much for your help on this Daniel.

If I can still bug you on this a little bit more…is there a way to keep the “x” image still hidden until they actually get the answer incorrect?

I added a pressCount check. Take a look at the link above again.

You can do your own image and placement, just make sure to look at the parameters I used for the examples.

Thank you so much for help Daniel #GOAT