Sketch copy is smaller than original

Help. I’m working on an activity where a student creates a sketch called sketch1 and then on the next slide I’ve used background:sketchLayer(sketch1.sketch) to show them a copy of the sketch they created. For some reason, the copy is incredibly small. Any thoughts?

Slides 9 and 10 are the problem area.

Thanks in advance.

You need to use “Share Activity” (in the same menu you find “Edit Activity”) for us to see your code. Your current link only allows us to join as a student.

Sorry! I wasn’t thinking…

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your code. Looks like a glitch to me. @Jay?

I’m not sure why it would matter, but I got it to work by deleting the sketch on slide 9 and then inserting it again.

It definitely doesn’t look like your fault. Deleting and adding it again should work. I made a copy to take back to the team to look at. Thanks for the report!