Sketch not loading variables when activity starts

It works after I navigate through all the slides but not when I start the activity

When I start the activity in the first slide

I saw NaN

But I expected 0

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:

And here are some screenshots or a video:Screenshot_2021-02-25_18-08-24

did you try an antivirus code?

This happens as the following pages have not yet been “touched” and their score values have not been calculated. If you place your summary page at the end as the last slide, then, when you proceed through all the question slides from beginning to the end, their scores are calculated as you go. Arriving at the last slide, your scores will no longer show NaN but rather 0 (or whatever they should be). One more thing: if you go through your slides quite fast (not allowing the slide the time to actually calculate the score), you’ll get an NaN as well.

I use Linux so no need of antivirus

Thank you Werner. Even if the student has done the work the grade will not show unless you navigate through it which means that those variables do not load during start up, which does not make sense to me.
That’s not the way the other graph elements work. I don’t see why the sketch should be different and not load the variables during start up.
For me is a bug.

Thank you

Because there is never student work in sketch backgrounds - you can’t edit equations, move points, etc, we don’t save student work or graph states there. That may change in the future but currently thats the way it works by design.

What a pity that the variables are not loading at start time! You broke my heart. :sob:

I was going to build so many things with it. Could you pass it as a request?

Thank you!