Space inside mark-up of MC initialText can freeze that sink in place

If an initialText token contains mark-up with a SPACE inside backticks and corresponding mc choice is selected first, subsequent clicks do not change initialText as expected.

Minimal reproduction of the bug:

Console errors unchanged from screens 1 and 2 to screen 3.

That makes sense, since the latex formatting in the text box will automatically remove whitespace, giving the impression that the displayed string is different from the initial string. Copying the initial text from option 3 and pasting it into any text editor will show the simplification.

What kind of sense will that make to a teacher, whose one overlooked whitespace will lead to different initialText experiences based purely on the order in which her or his students click options?

Students who click the whitespaced initialText option first will definitely experience confusion when their subsequent choices fail to update (imagine: “Wait, maybe I’m wrong to change my mind …”), and through no fault of their own.

Definitely true. The onus falls on the activity creator to make sure that latex strings are correctly formatted. In this case, eliminating any unnecessary white space before creating the class code.