Initial Latex Correctness problem w Dashboard

I’m wondering whether this is a bug, but I’m not sure… I was hoping someone could provide some insight.

I have an activity where I place some initialLatex and I’m noticing that before a student even interacts with the screen, it’s marked as wrong in the dashboard.

I can get around this sort of by using suffix instead of initialLatex but this strikes me as both unsemantic and rather hacky.

Here’s an Activity to illustrate what I’m talking about:

Thanks in advance!

Why not just use “and this.submitted”? I still get what you’re saying though, but I don’t think the dashboard would actually show an X until the student interacts with the input. You probably need to test with an actual “student”.

That’s at least bug adjacent. It means we’re detecting student work in there. Is the initialLatex dynamic?

Nope, it’s just a dollar sign in this case.

@Daniel_Grubbs including other conditionals like ‘and this.submitted’ doesn’t affect this behaviour.

What I can say is that upon actually running the Activity, on the real Teacher Dashboard i don’t see an X(just a dot). So it seems as though the bug relates specifically to the preview while in Activity Editor mode - it’s giving an incorrect interpretation of what will happen when the Activity is actually run.
Thanks for thinking of that @Daniel_Grubbs. Might help debug this.

Does it stay as a dot if you navigate (as a student) to the screen and then away without interacting? Dashboards should always show at worst a dot when a student is editing a screen.

Uh oh.

Navigating away from the screen produces an X even when nothing is submitted on the student’s side of things.

But interestingly, if the student does nothing on that screen, then navigates away, the Dashboard is blank for that screen.

Ok if I hear what you’re saying correctly, then it’s behaving as designed. Just double checking:

  • if a student navigates to the screen, focuses on the input (at least) and navigates away, an X shows?

  • if a student navigates to a screen, does nothing, then leaves, a blank shows?

If so, in the first case we see student interaction and an incorrect answer so we mark it wrong. In the second we see no student interaction so we mark it as if a student has done nothing.

In either case we should fix the editing preview so that it mirrors that behavior

Yeah but the problem with case 1 is that it’s an X even though the student does nothing at all on a screen, moves to another screen without having interacted with the first one, the first screen gets an X.

Now to my mind that’s not all the behaviour I want to see reflected in my dashboard. They’re not “wrong” if they haven’t done anything on the screen yet, surely?

Did they focus on the input? That’s considered an interaction.

Nope, they literally do nothing. Switching off that screen produces the x, having literally done nothing. No focus states involved at all.

Are there other things going on in that screen that the student is interacting with? If so, are they marked as readOnly?

Nothing at all.

At the risk of sounding prescriptive, just try running that Activity I posted to see what I’m getting at there. The only thing in each panel is a note and one latex input box.

Sorry, I’m AFK all of today but I can check on it later. Just trying to make sure I file the right git report (if one is needed).

No worries, it’s not a rush or anything.

If it helps at all, here’s what’s going on:


Thanks. It looks like we should keep that as a blank. Thanks for the heads up


I can’t help but feel as though there’s perhaps a larger issue around the way InititalLatex gets evaluated in general(as it instantly throws errors unless you suppress the errorMessage through CL, which is another unfortunate issue related to it).

Food for thought