Statistics functions in the CL

How can I calculate the mean in the computation layer of a set of values aggregated from a tables containing student inouts?

I tried using the funcntion ‘mean’ but it is not recognised in the CL.


Did you use a double backslash before “mean”?


CL won’t do any computing on lists. If it’s coming in from an aggregated list, best move is to do it in a graph somewhere.

Ok great. I want to take the average from student inputs then display in a cell in a table. How can I do this ?

As Jay said, move your student inputs to a graph somewhere, perform the average calculation there. Then, reference that into the table.

You need to name your graph, Graph1 for example, with a variable, say “a”, as your average.
Then, in whatever table you want, something like

cellContent(1,1): “${Graph1.number(“a”)}”

Ok that’s great. How do I hide the graph in my DESMOS activity as I don’t want students to see it as they work through the activity?

Use an introductory slide. Adding a note will remove visibility of any calculations. Insert an image into the graph to represent your lesson, and remove any graph lines, labels, etc. in the graph settings. There will be nothing visible or adjustable for the student, and you won’t have to worry about remembering to lock out slides by using Pacing.

That’s great. Thanks

How do you move the inputs to the graph?

Depends on the input, but here are a few examples:

number(`n`): input1.numericValue
function(`g`): simpleFunction(input2.latex)