Mean and median of a list?

Wondering if there’s a way for Desmos to find the average value of a list of student inputs? (And the median for that matter.)

Is this an individually collected list or from the whole class?

Individually you can use the mean and median functions in the calculator

otherwise you can use


for the list and then run the stats off of that.

Cheers. Thank you. This is very useful!!

Can I use this value to auto-populate a table? I seem to be able to access it from the table component script, but if I try to set cell contents to it it gives me an error about expecting a string and getting a number.

If you want to enter a number into the content you can put it in quotations and reference it with ${ }


What if I want to use this mean in a note.


take the average of all student responses to a single number entry, and show in the note:

numberList(“a”): aggregate(entry.numericValue)

content: "class average is ${mean(a)}"