Marbleslides: Expert-Activity Builder By Desmos

Try this fun marbleslide it is very fun and challenging for students. I recommend this to anyone with students that enjoy solving the marbleslide puzzles. If you haven’t had students doing mableslides then start with the simple ones first. Students love that if they can’t complete one level then they go just move on to the next level so that they don’t have to be held back for something that they just need help with or can’t do.

If you don’t like it please tell me so I can change it. :grinning:

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What was your experience running it in your class? Super interested here, were there any challenges that students liked more than others, and if so were there any similarities between them?

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Actually I’m not a teacher that is why I have been asking others to try it with there classes so I can get some feedback on the activity. and make it better

Makes sense, unfortunately I’m of little help in that department. Have you taken it to twitter?

no I don’t have any social media but can I tell you a secret I’m still in high school I just work on desmos when ever I get bored or when I have some free time. read my profile

Super cool. Hopefully we can get you some feedback here.

thanks I like desmos alot and like answering peoples questions about desmos. I guess its kind of like a hobby for me.

Awesome hobby to have, keep up the good work!

I Just updated the activity with more exiting marbleslides. However the marbleslides that I added are acting up with some really bad lag. Also when I launch the marbles they wont interact with the moving lines. Why is that?

Just came across your activity. I applaud your use of boredom time.

What is missing from your marbleslides is any way for students to move the objects that control the motion of the marbles. Those need to be in cells that are outside the folder that you use to make the fixed items. Take a peek at one of the marbleslides made inhouse at Desmos (such as ). I (very clumsily) added such to one of yours at [Copy of] Marbleslides: Expert • Activity Builder by Desmos The Desmos team shows you how to do such more elegantly.

I look forward to revisiting your work once you have updated it.