Check Mark for 2 Correct Components?

I have a slide where I want students to enter an equation for a percent problem in a math input box. Then, I want them to enter the solution on the same slide in a different math input box. I display student feedback for each entry.

Is there a way to show a check mark on the teacher dashboard only when they get both answers correct?

Best practice is a correct: sink in each component’s CL for each individual answer. If you have any other components on your slide that could have a correct: sink, but are not being graded (e.g. graph, sketch), you need readOnly: true in those CL’s

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Thanks. So if a student enters the wrong equation but they ignore the message to try again and simply enter the correct solution to the equation which correct: sink will show up on the teacher dashboard, an x or a check mark?

All correct sinks must be correct to get a checkmark on the dashboard. (Also, the reason you need readOnly: true for ungraded components.)