Feedback for students from a Text Input

Can anyone point me in the direction on what Computation Layer I could use to give feedback from a text input? I have used CL to give feedback for a math input and a table. I’m just not seeing for text. I would like to use it for one word or short phrase. I know this could be hard as students can type the words incorrectly or not put spaces or other things, but just wondering if there is some CL that I can use.

Really not any different than latex matching a math input. You just can’t get the checkmark on the dashboard:
For example, in a note CL:

content: when input.content="frog" or input.content="Frog" "Yes! Kermit is a frog"
when input.content="toad" "Getting warm, but not quite"
otherwise "Nope."

@Daniel_Grubbs What if students are submitting a longer text answer but I am just looking to see if they have included a certain word

So in Ellie’s case if students will be writing their answer in complete sentences and I just want to see if they have included the work frog somewhere in that response.

That is not possible currently.