Student Input Generates Graph, but with Condition

Hey there!

Could someone please help me with slide #4 of this activity:

I already understand how to make student input appear on the graph. However, I want to set it up so that when students type “T” in column 3 of the table, only the point labeled “T” appears (and vice-versa).

I can’t figure out how to set up this condition:
Graph point (a, 0) if column 3 says “T”, graph point (b, 0) if column 3 says “C”.

Thank you for your help!

In your graph CL:

number(`p`): when yourTableName.cellContent(1,3)="T" 1
             when yourTableName.cellContent(1,3)="C" 2
             otherwise 0

Then in the graph for each point add a restriction:

(a,0 {p=1})
(b,0 {p=2})
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