Table to Graph after Submit

I am trying to create an activity where students are putting the values for the roots of a quadratic (seen on a graph) into a table and the points get graphed on top of the already present functions. I’ve got it so that the points from the table show up on the graph working, but I’m having trouble connecting them to a submit button so that the points only graph after the student has pressed submit.

Here is a sample demonstration of asking a student to enter coordinates into a table which then appear on the graph after pressing a submit button. Post-submit, table editing is disabled (an option you may wish to consider).

An alternate approach would be to (1) set the number lists for X and Y to the appropriate columns without any conditional, and (2) set a number(“B”) = button.pressCount in the CL Then in the graph instead of (X,Y), (X,Y {B=1}), so it conditionally graphs when the button count is 1.

Good point. I like that.
I would suggest: (X,Y {B>0}) in case a student presses the button more than once.
Also, you would want to add this to the correctness indicator … : 1{B>0},0}
The previous demo activity has been modified to illustrate.

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I only put = because I thought it was disabled after the first press, and not available until the cells were filled, but makes sense.