Back up of desmos graphs

How to back up the graphs we have developed in Desmos.
How long will they be present in Desmos Server.
Is thier a way for me to back up the curves i have developed
How long will the desmos calculator link, teacher link and student link be active.
I have seen some student links in the webinars. it says it is no longer active.
I have not seen the duration in Desmos to set the number of days active for a student link.
Will once if the student link expires will the teacher link and desmos calculator link also do they expire?
Kindly Clarify.

As long as you save the graphs or activities, those should be available as long as Desmos is around. The links to student activities expire after 6 months, but those can be reactivated on the teacher end if needed. If the student link expires, you can always create a new class code for another class.

Appreciate your response.
How long will this be a free service to a any user.
Some Softwares of websites offer one month free. Are there any such conditions for this elite software.
I have not see any such while registering. Even without signing in we can draw graphs. ie a good part of it.

Anything that is currently free will always be free. Desmos | Terms of Service

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