Summary view answers marked as wrong

When in summary mode, we can see when a student types a correct answer, but not when they type an incorrect answer. The components being used are sketch, math response, and text. We used readOnly : true on the sketch, but not on the note that appears in response to the students typing the correct/incorrect answer in the math response. Incorrect answers are shown as a dot like they are still working.

Is there any way to get an x when viewing in summary mode when students are incorrect?

If you have a correct sink set, it should mark an X once they’ve submitted their answer. Can you share your activity?

At least on the preview, I’m seeing the X pop up as soon as I type something. Is that not the case with actual students?

Also, just a tip I recently learned. previewCurrentStroke: false makes writing in a sketch component a little easier.

Really? I thought preview sketch would help them see it better. I will have to try that

No, when we tested it with someone as a student, wrong answers were just a dot on the Summary view

The preview stroke kind of auto connects lines if they’re close, so may not write what you intend.

It might have to do with the resetLabel in your action button. I moved your note above the input and used i02.submitted instead of the timeSincePress and that seems to work.

Hey Sarah!

While the editing preview shows the X immediately, the X will not show on the dashboard summary screen until a student has navigated away from that screen.