MC correct response on Summary Page

I am doing some quick and dirty multiple choice screens for review. I understand that if I select the correct response in the edit screen, the students response will display correct or wrong in the summary window. However, I don’t get this result consistently. Sometimes checks, sometimes x’s and sometimes just dots.

I think the dots would only show up if the students have to explain their choice. Would you mind sharing your activity to see if there might be other things affecting the dashboard checks?

Yes this is correct. It still displays X if they select incorrectly, but displays dot if they select correct choice but an explanation is required.

sure but are you requesting a link to the activity or to the student dashboard Hee’s the activity.

Thanks! Just as I suspected, many of your multiple choice screens are set to have the students explain their answer. The best you can do if you want them to explain is to receive a dot. If you don’t intend for the students to explain, then deselect that option and you will see dots or checks in the dashboard.