Check mark on teacher dashboard for math input

How can I get a check mark to show up on the teacher dashboard if the students get it right? I have it set to let them know if they got it right, but on the teacher dashboard, it only has an X for wrong and a dot if right, not a check mark. Fundamental Principle of Counting • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you!

Check out Desmos Computation Layer Lesson 2 Numeric Answer Feedback - YouTube

I just found this teacher yesterday. She’s teaching herself CL and making videos as she goes along. I was really excited because it’s one basic concept per video, building from the ground up, exactly what I needed.

This particular video goes through how to give feedback on the teacher dashboard and how to give feedback to the students (so you can choose if you want one or both).


You need readOnly: true in your sketch CLs.

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That video was great! Thank you!

That worked! Why does it need to be on the sketch layer? Just curious. Does it have to do with the sketch layer being there? Thank you!

The dashboard checks everything that could have a correct: sink. If it doesn’t have one, it needs readOnly: true to tell the dashboard “ignore this component for the sake of correcting”.

Media and note components don’t have correct: sinks, and will never affect the dashboard results. Text inputs and explain prompts don’t have correct: sinks, but will at best achieve a dot in the dashboard. Every other type of component must have either a correct: sink or readOnly: true. (Checkboxes and multiple choice can have the answer key checkmark instead of a correct sink.)


It’s something mentioned so often here I think it’s one of those things that needs to be very clear from the documentation(and it’s not).

Better design would make the default to check only those components that contain the correct keyword, but for some strange reason it’s not.

I believe the intention of the dot in the teacher dashboard means nothing is wrong on this screen by the student, but it needs a teacher’s eyes to truly evaluate.

What would be super useful is a way for a teacher to look at a screen in the dash board and then mark it correct.