Table Cell fill from Multiple Choice

Is it possible to have a table cell in a future screen fill from a student choice on a multiple choice question on a previous screen?

I’m thinking that the following would work, but it doesn’t.

cellContent(1,2): mc1.isSelected(1) and not(mc1.isSelected(2)) and not(mc1.isSelected(3)) and not(mc1.isSelected(4)) and not(mc1.isSelected(5))

MOWwM: Finances for Life ~ 3.3b ~ How do I get an Auto Loan? • Activity Builder by Desmos screen 6

Thank you!

There may be an easier way, but you can add a when statement. For example:

when mc1.isSelected(1) “800”
when mc1.isSelected(2) “750”
otherwise “”

add a “when” for each choice and edit the output (800, 750, etc) to match your desired output