Eliminate Answer Choice

I want to create a screen with multiple choice. I later want to create a new screen with the same multiple choice answers, but I want the prior answer to be eliminated. Is there a way to do this? Please help…I’m new to this!

This might work for you. choice removal • Activity Builder by Desmos

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Thank you! That worked! Now I was hoping that when I students make their second choice, that I can use that choice in headings on later slides. Is that possible? I am includinga link to my activity. On slide 8, students will make their second choice. I would like for that choice to show up on slides 9 and 10. I’m trying to work around using CL on a card sort, but CL is not supported in card sort, so I was trying to do it in the heading or title somehow. Thank you!

In the title use something like:

title: when choice.isSelected(1) "answer 1"
when choice.isSelected(2) "answer 2"


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Thanks…I’ll play with it and see what I can do!

I’m not sure I can get that to work. I need this for slide 9, which depends on the answer from slide 8. But, slide 8 depends on the answer from slide 6. I tried to use the code below both in a note and in the heading gear, but it said that the sink was not allowed. Any other ideas around it?

A="+/- sine values"
B="+/- cosine values"
C="+/- tangent values"

choiceContent(1):when choice1.isSelected(1) B
when choice1.isSelected(2) A
when choice1.isSelected(3) A
when choice1.isSelected(4) A
otherwise “”

choiceContent(2):when choice1.isSelected(1) C
when choice1.isSelected(2) C
when choice1.isSelected(3) B
when choice1.isSelected(4) B
otherwise “”

This should work… Its a little hacky but its a lot quicker than making like 12 conditionals for each choice… choice based on choice based on choice • Activity Builder by Desmos

This was super fun btw, thanks!


This all worked perfectly. Thank you so much!