Table to table in full Desmos screen

I have an activity where students watch a video and write data into a table on one screen. I would like to have those data to populate a table in a full Desmos window in the the next screen.

Since the goal of the activity is to get students to learn how to do linear regression when using the Desmos app, I would like to have that full Desmos screen. I know that I can copy a table in one screen to another screen and then use that data in other components in that second screen. However, I want to keep as close to what students will see when using the Desmos app.

Look at Walk • Activity Builder by Desmos. I would like the data from screen 1 appear in the table in the Desmos component in screen 2.

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The column headers in graph tables need to be independent so copying directly from a previous screen unfortunately won’t work. What you can do is add another column and copy the values into those columns. You can plot the graph by creating a point from the list and run your regression off of t and d without any problems.

Thank you for your help with this. It will help when I start motion analysis next year.

You also showed me how to do something I had wanted to do for a while, graph two columns with both not the first column in the table.

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This link no longer works and I would like to see the answer. Could this link be recreated or enabled?

Thank You.

I tried to follow what Jay said and applied it to the original example. I think this should work:

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Thanks for a solution, it does work for her slides. I am trying to copy from a table component to another table component. I don’t have the table-graph component so set up the computation language the same way. :frowning:

You can just grab the cellContent from each cell. Here’s an example: