Populate table from table in previous screen

I have a table for user-input data in one screen (it varies in length because students will have data sets of different sizes). In the next screen the table appears again alongside a graph of the data. How can I make this second table match the previous table please?

Here’s a demo for you: Desmos Classroom Activities

Thanks Christopher - but the activity is showing as private…?

Argh. Sorry about that. New defaults still trip me up sometimes. Refresh that page and it should work for you.

Thanks again! The issue I’m having though is that I need Table1 to be flexible in terms of the number of rows (students will have data sets of different sizes). Can I have this flexibility in the script of Table2 so that it’s number of rows will match that of Table1? Cheers…

There is a way to do that very similar the solution above but needs a graph and still has a finite number of rows (you can add as many as you want but the maximum number of rows must be created by you beforehand). I recommend using the maxRows sink to prevent students from adding more rows than you have created connections for.

Ah. So I can access the length of the table (using a variable within the Graph to get the length of the X & Y Lists), but it’s not possible to iterate through the list to add list items to the cell content in the second table? I’d like to do this one-by-one so that the length of the second table automatically matches the length of the first…

Some sort of…
while n<L cellContent(n,1):"${graph1.number(“X[n]”)}"

Thanks for all the help - much appreciated!!

Is there a way to populate a table on the same screen instead of having it go to the next screen?

Like this?

YES! I see what I was missing. Thank you so much!

I fixed the table. On another slide I want the table to generate points on the graph next to it. My code matches an example, but I can’t get it to work. It is slide 3. I was using slide 4 as a guide. Also, will it be possible to have a second table generate points on the same graph? I want students to be able to see their sequences plotted as they work.

@cwinske I’ve seen you give a lot of great advice. Can you help me with my issue above please?

Or can anyone help?

Looks like you used a sketch component on slide 3. If you just want the points from the table graphed, try inserting just a graph component and use the same code that you had before. To make the points show up, insert an ordered pair labelled (X,Y) on the graph component. Having a second table shouldn’t be a problem, just insert another table component and give it a name!

@cwinske I tried that too and it didn’t fix it. I was hoping to use the sketch component so they can connect the points and finish the graph. I changed the graph in an example and it worked but I cannot get the input to graph. I cannot figure out why =(

Did you try opening the graph and creating an ordered pair named (X,Y)? You had the numberList created for each in the code, so creating that ordered pair should make the points appear.

@cwinske FINALLY! Yes =) Thank you. I have been working on this forever.

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Do you know if there is a way to do this but using students’ input of functions? Here is the activity I am using, specifically I want the equation entered on 7 to appear on 8 when they input domain and range. Thanks so much!

You can copy cell content using something like this (change table7 to whatever your table is named on slide 7):

cellContent(1,2): T.cellContent(1,2)
cellContent(2,2): T.cellContent(2,2)