Table of Values appear on graph with button click?

I can make a line appear when the “check by graph” button is clicked by having:
in the graph:
y=x+3 {a=1} with a slider for a set at a=1
this computation layer:
number(“a”): when button.pressCount > 0 1 otherwise 0

This works great!

I would love to have a bunch of points also appear with my line, so I created a table of values. I don’t see a way to enable the {a=1} doohickey in the table. Is there another way to get my points to appear on the same button click?

Thank you!!

You could add that restriction to each y-coordinate of your table. Easier, would be to not plot the table points (x1,y1) and instead add a new cell with the point (x1,y1{a=1}) that will get all its coordinates from your table.

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the quick reply!!