Terminology: Screen or Slide?

Having been involved with Desmos for a few months, I now find myself using ‘screen’ and ‘slide’ interchangeably. Is that appropriate? Is one preferred over the other?

This has come up because I’m working on potential library templates and was wondering if I should be using statements like “Now go to the next slide” or “Now go to the next screen”?

I feel like people more often use “slide”, at least in the forum, but I don’t think there’s a correct term. The preview says “Student Screen Preview”.

Thanks @Daniel_Grubbs. I feel that ‘screen’ is the preferred Desmos term. Certainly the CL documentation uses only ‘screen’ as well. I think I’ll reply to those on the forum echoing whatever term they use (to be polite!) but otherwise use ‘screen’…unless I hear arguments against that idea.