Totals and "Count IF" from Aggregated List

Is there a way to display:

  1. The total number of inputs in an aggregated list
  2. The number of inputs that meet a certain criteria, i.e. >0

I managed to take copy someone else’s activity to create a dotplot aggregated from class data. What I would like to do next is have a 3rd screen display the two things listed above so that students can calculate proportions. My search so far has indicated it would need to be done in a graph, but I can’t figure out what the specific commands in the graph need to be.

For the first one, if your aggregated list is L then length(L) gives you the total number of inputs!

In the same way you can put specific indices into square brackets and pull out individual elements from a list, you can put a condition to filter the list: L[L>0] will be all entries of L where L>0 is true. Wrap that in a length, and you have the number of inputs that are positive!

(Alternatively, you could straight calculate total({L>0:1,0}), but I’m a fan of filtering.)

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Thanks, that was perfect!