Transformations Help

My initial attempts at transformations work well with vertical/horizontal shifts, and vertical reflections. See the first 2 slides. However, if I try to add in a horizontal reflection as well, I am at a loss. (see slide 3).
Note: I know Horizontal reflections don’t change my current graph of y=x^2. I want to be able to both types of reflections for other parent functions such as x^3 or others. Thanks for your help.

If anyone has a better way of doing this completely, I’d love to know. I’m still learning here. I would like it to still have 2 movable points: one for the “vertex” and a second for adjusting reflections,stretches,compressions.


Ran into this issue before, but maybe make some “buttons” (read polygons) that increase or decrease a and w, using the newer “Action” feature in graphs.

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This is the approach I took for transformations recently.

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As for horizontal and vertical reflections, I ended up checking values of the function against the answer at several points. This allows students to get the answer correct in more than one way.

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Awesome, Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I was able to add buttons to adjust the a and w. I didn’t know about actions. cool!

It’s a fairly new feature. You should post your updated activity to share!

Updated: Not a full activity yet. Just playing with the actions buttons. I still wish I could do both horizontal and vertical compressions/stretches at the same time using the 2 points. The buttons are cool, but don’t really test students knowledge of what a stretch does to the graph

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