Transformations Practice Feedback

I started an activity during remote learning and have circled back to it. I want to give students feedback when they have successfully performed the transformation of a polygon. In Slide 2 I initially tried to compare the lists of x and y coordinates, but the Success! image appeared when just one of the points matched the key. Xcheck={3,1,-1,3] and Ycheck=[5,5,1,3]. So I tried a different tactic without luck.

I guess that’s what I get for trying to adapt a slide from another activity when I don’t have enough time to really learn CL. So once again, I’m trying to climb a ladder to peer over the shoulder of giants. Any help is truly appreciated.

Here is a link to the activity.[Transformations Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos]

Hi Stacie! Any further discoveries with this? I’m learning also, and I was able to get it to show the Success image by making these adjustments:

-Moved the {C_heck = 0} to the Center property of the Success image

-Set all 4 elements of X_1 and Y_1 to match the pre-image coordinates, rather than 0.
-Removed the X_0 and Y_0 from X_1 = X_0 + [x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4] – this was creating an offset rather than the specific coordinates. The offset resulted in +5 for all of the x values and +4 for all of the y values – same as the transformation.
-Removed the X_0 + from the labels for the transformed image

I copied your activity and isolated slide 2. Take a look in the graph at lines 41-51 and 54-64 and see if they are helpful.

Here is the link:

I hope this is helpful. It helped me greatly as I am learning, and I thank you!

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the time I was setting aside to work on this tonight. I walked my dog at a local lake at twilight tonight and we encountered a skunk. Diluted apple cider vinegar is a life saver. Or at least a nose saver. I’ll shelve this for tonight but I appreciate your looking at it and finding a fix. Thank you for your help!

Oh, goodness! Glad you found a life and nose saver. I hope you can get back to more interesting problem-solving soon!

If your points correspond to one another, you can also use total(distance(K_ey,S_tudent)), which will be 0 when and only when all of the points are exactly the same as the key.

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Does that work with a list too? Like X_check = [3,1,-1,3] and X_1=(3, 1, -1, 3]?

It got the stink off the dog but not the collar, harness, and leash yet. Moved on to baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap for next stage of nose saving. The activity went well with students today as written, but I’d rather have it be more self-paced with feedback for next year. So once I get some tests graded, I’ll circle back to it. Thanks again for your help!

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No, but with a list you should find total( | X_check - X_1 | ) will be 0 when all elements of the list match.