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Is there a way to only have the “explain their answer” come up based on the multiple choice answer?

I want to do true/false and have them correct it if it is false.

There’s a checkbox underneath the options.

Correct but that makes the explain come when they chose true as well as false. Only want it for false

You could use a conditional statement for explainPrompt to give different directions, but I don’t think you can hide it.

explainPrompt: when this.isSelected(1) "Leave blank"
                         otherwise "Explain your rationale"

You may want “Type ‘true’” or something instead of leave blank if you want to make sure you get the dot on the dashboard.

You could also do a combination with a note by using the hidden source, where a note shows saying “Good Job” if they pick true, but hide the multiple choice component. While the note would be hidden if false is chosen, and the MC would be visible.

In note:
hidden: not(yourMCName.isSelected(1))
In multiple choice:
hidden: this.isSelected(1)

You can replicate the behaviour you’re looking for by including a Note and Text Response that are both hidden until the False option is selected.

Something like this for both the note and text response will do the trick:

hidden: switch
switch = 
when mc.isSelected(1) true
when mc.isSelected(2) false
otherwise true

Like here:

Which i think is what you’re after. What’s really nice about this approach is that it avoids the really awkward default behaviour(imo of course) where Desmos disallows correctness checking whenever a written explanation is attached to a MC or Checkbox question. So you get your Correctness cake and can eat it too by only conditionally showing the Explain part if you want it that way.

Interestingly enough(and I think this is a bug), the “Explain” option is seemingly deactivated the moment you insert a component block below a MC or Checkbox question. Curious why this might be, but anyway that’s kind of not pertinent to your question.

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