Try Again message for incorrect responses

I’d like to add a “try again” message for incorrect responses to the slide from the CL newsletter. Inequality Test • Activity Builder by Desmos

I’m interested in adding the “try again” message either in a note or actually in the graph similar to the “success” message. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You can set your try again image to be when Ic = 0, since the success image is shown only when Ic =1. I did a quick try of changing your success imagine to be when Ic = 0 and it showed up on wrong answers.

Thanks! That’s what I needed!

Great, I was also thinking that you can use the correctness variables in the bottom of your graph to create a note message to tell the student what mistake they made. Something basically like , when graph variable = 0 then “This was the mistake” otherwise “”

Thanks for the idea! I’ve added the code to a new note. All three conditions work if I use them one at a time, but I’m not sure how to connect the when statements together so all 3 can be checked. Any tips?

I would suggest maybe labelling each as a variable, and then actually place each variable in the note itself. The other option would be to make several different when statements that address all possible errors which would take a total of 8 when statements. I have attached the modification I did to just put them out as variables.

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Awesome! Thanks again.