Exporting Graphs

I just found out that you area able to copy and paste the shareable link to import graphs into the activity builder.

Is there a way to export a graph that was made in the activity builder to either another custom lesson or a regular Desmos graph? I have graphs that I built initially as two different lessons that would complement each other well, but I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of merging the two rather than copying line by line.

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Once you are in the graph component all the way at the bottom of the function column there is a button that says export to Desmos. Now it’s in Desmos and you can reuse.

Note that hidden folders will be hidden when it is exported. In case, that matters to someone.

For anyone else who finds this thread:

  1. Export to Desmos calculator by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the graph expression list and click Export to Desmos. (All folders marked as hidden will be invisible, but will function.)

  2. Copy an individual slide by clicking Preview, then the copy icon next to where it says Student Preview, and paste into any other AB. I think this may be a more recent feature. This makes it easier to make a single AB with templates!

I might be looking at the wrong section because I’m at the bottom of the expressions list on my Activity Builder and I don’t see an option to export.


Hey Jeremy!

You won’t be able to do that when participating as a student or from student preview. Can you double check that you’re in editing? If you are I can follow up with you via direct message or email. I’ll need a bit more info if that’s the case.

Hi, I’m not Jeremy, but I have the same problem.
What do you mean by “editing”, how do I get to editing mode?

Hi, I am required to export all the equations used in my recent math project. It was a picture made out of graphs. Is there anyway to copy all equations and export them? Thanks

Can you have your teacher email support@desmos.com for this inquiry? Thanks!