Expression input used in graph of the form g(x,y)

I’m working on a Desmos Activity that will accompany a lesson on slope fields.

Currently, I am able to display a slope field and have a moveable point for students try to follow the slopes. On the next slide, students can select coordinates and view particular solutions that involve that coordinate. I also have students sketch particular solutions.

What I’d like is to have slides that allow students to input their own DEs (in the form dy/dx = …) and have the graph display this. I’m not sure how to take the student input and replace the g(x,y) = part of my graph.

Here is my work so far: Slope Fields • Activity Builder by Desmos


In the graph component define the function, in your case g. To connect it to a student input you can either use an expression

function("g"): simpleFunction(exp15.latex,"x","y")

or use a table and refer to the cell the student is supposed to type into.

function("g"): simpleFunction(table15.cellContent(1,1),"x","y") 
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