Typing in an nth root into a note component

Hi, I’m trying to type in “the 3rd root of x to the 8th power” into a NOTE component but don’t see a keyboard available on the teacher end to do so. Is there a keyboard short cut for typing a square root or nth root symbol by any chance? I manage to figure out how to type in an infinity symbol - by typing the word itself using math type and it changes it automatically to its symbol form.

Try this:


The beginning and end single quote symbol is on the key with ~ above tab on the keyboard.

The usual shortcut is to type nthroot.

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I couldn’t get nthroot to work in CL, but it is what the students should type for input. This may be because nthroot is specific to Desmos, and the input box uses Desmos shortcuts, where sqrt is the actual LaTeX.

Thank you I figured it out a bit later by handwriting it into Equatio and then copying and pasting it.

Copying and pasting from the input (after using “nthroot”) gives @Susan_Lauer’s answer.