Using Conditionals to customize student questions (adaptive quizzing)

I’m new to the desmos CL, so haven’t had time to experiment with this myself, but I was hoping to create an activity with a series of multiple choice questions that would be different for each student.

Essentially, a student would answer a multiple choice question and the next question would be based on that answer. So if a student keeps getting questions correct, they would be given progressively harder problems, and if they get questions wrong, they would get easier problems.

This would required a non-linear ordering of the activity, since questions would be categorized by “difficulty”; a conditional statement would choose the next problem given.

Is there some kind of capability for this in the CL?

In one slide, you can have multiple components with different questions that can be conditionally hidden or have conditional content in individual components, but you can’t have slides with different questions that are “reordered”. I don’t think Desmos intended to be a formal assessment platform, so it’s possible but not simple.