Using external tools in Desmos

I’m brand new to Computation Layers, so forgive me. I’ll keep doing some research and read the rest of what Desmos has provided on the subject, but I wanted to ask about any known methods for possibly embedding some virtual manipulatives (perhaps from Mathigon or Math Learning Center) into a Desmos component. I generally use Desmos to lead an interesting lesson and create rich discussion, but lately I’m also trying to use it as a way to record student work on an intervention screener for my virtual learners. Any ideas or support would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Amaru,

Embedding other tools is not possible. You can link to other sites, but if you want students to interact and record those interactions on their screen, you would build within Desmos.

Here’s an example of what I created for mulitplying with algebra tiles and equations with algebra tiles.