Visual Proof of Pythagorean Theorem

This took me a while, and there are some ways I could simplify all the code, but have fun.

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Really like this! I love animated visuals.

Nice - I did this one, which would have been much simpler if points in Desmos could be treated like complex numbers. (Please please let me scale, add, subtract, and multiply points!)

It doesn’t come with notation, but for the way I teach the pythagorean theorem, that comes last anyways.

Thanks. I did this a while back and could probably simplify it much more now.

You can add, subtract and scale points. To multiply you’ll still need to use .x and .y notation

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That’s awesome. Thanks, Jay.

Is that new, or have I just been oblivious? I’m sure I tried it at some point…

The multiplication I actually want is (A.xB.x-A.yB.y, A.xB.y +A.yB.x). But since I have to do that by hand, it’s all good anyway.

.x and .y are a little over a year old. Combining and scaling points is relatively new.

If multiple function calls aren’t slowing performance down you can always make a four variable function and just reassign it for different sand y values.

It looks like I can just pass points as function parameters, so I only need two.

Thanks, Jay!

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Ooh yes! Good call! :100: