Warnings with challenge creator?

Hi all - I made a challenge creator in this activity, and everything seems to be working fine both in the activity itself and in the challenge. However, the preview mode gives me CL warnings on most of the screens, but not on the challenge screen itself. I can’t find any CL errors. At first I thought it might be a naming conflict, but I changed all of the names in the challenge screens to not match names in outside of the challenge. When I delete the challenge screen from the activity, the CL errors message goes away. I feel like I’ve seen this issue before, but I can’t remember… I don’t use the challenge creator that frequently. Any thoughts? Math 3, Unit 2: Practice - Quadrilateral Types • Activity Builder by Desmos

Very strange! Nothing stands out to me. I tried renaming all the components on a screen (Problem 6) to have unique names just to try something, but the same error still appeared. It seems interesting that Screen 1 does not have a warning icon even though it is linked to the score components on other screens - perhaps because it has no CL variables?

Thanks for looking. I never figured out what was wrong but it seemed to work fine with students. :person_shrugging:

I faintly remember this issue last year as well when I played around with challenge creator. From what I remember, it’s an issue with the challenge creator. Just ignore and move on.