Feedback issue: Not displaying outside of edit mode

I’m trying to use this warning from an expression in this activity (slide 1 as an example):


	when isBlank(exp1.latex) or isDefined(exp1.numericValue) "You have to type an inequality that represents all solutions, `x`, on the number line."
    otherwise ""

When I preview it within edit mode it appears to be working correctly but then when I do the activity as a student I don’t see the warning as a student or in the dashboard as a teacher. Am I misunderstanding what the warning is intended to be for or is this a bug?

Warning is currently only displayed to the teacher, not the the student. It’s intended to be used for “this student needs help - they’re off-track in a way that will make the activity not work well for them”, not just “they have an incorrect answer”. We have a new feature upcoming to do something similar for students, and it seems like that’s what you’re looking for. We’ll announce that here when it ships. Should be within the next week.

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Thanks Eric.
Where would I see it as a teacher then? I don’t see anything flagged in the teacher dashboard:

You’ll see it in the summary grid, and only when students have moved past that screen. We never show it for upcoming or currently active screens.

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Hi Andy!

As Eric said, we currently only support showing that warning on the teacher dashboard in the “Summary” view. If you try out your activity as a student you should see something like this once the student has entered something on the screen that should throw a warning and moved passed it:

We are always making improvements to CL however so keep your ears out for some new features that would let you show these warnings directly to the student :slight_smile:

That makes sense now, thank you to both of you for your time.