CL Warning for Feedback Screen


I need help with screen 1. I am getting a CL warning and I can’t figure out why. I want the orange warning triangle to disappear on the teacher dashboard when students deselect the bottom button. However, I am seeing now that even when they deselect it, I am still seeing a warning triangle, rather than a dot. Thanks!2021-02-17_13-05-05

I can’t view your CL. I get this when I try to copy and edit:

Could you please post what you have in the different components for the CLs in screen 1?

The two are actually related. Use of rawExpression on screen 30 triggers both the error message and the copy block.

Swapping it our for parseEquation should make it work for you


text answer box: hidden: not(mc1.isSelected(2))
submitLabel: “Send to Teacher”

Graph: warning: when isBlank(input.content) “” otherwise “There is stuff to read here.”
hidden: true

Hi Jay,

I actually took the screen out completely and I am still seeing the CL warning.

Bizarre. It’s gone on my end.

Do me a favor? Try publishing your work so that you don’t lose anything, then delete the Challenge creator and preview. Is the warning gone then?

You can delete the draft after so that it reverts back to your last save.

Hi Jay! The CL warning is gone!

Is it still possible to include the Challenge Creator? Thanks!

Ok, that makes sense. That warning can sometimes be caused when variables or components in a CC share names with those outside. If you test the activity and everything is working, you can disregard the warning completely.

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