We've Updated The Forum!

You may have noticed that the forum got a bit of a makeover:

We’re hoping that the new layout makes it friendlier and easier for you to find the category you want to visit. But the changes weren’t just to the layout. Here’s a breakdown of everything we’ve added:


We’ve done a few things here. First, we moved the entire CL Newsletter archive to where it belongs, here in the CL forum. We’ve also converted the old PDF versions to something more friendly. Second, we retired the CL newsletter and created “Articles”. Articles allow us to detach ourselves from the calendar and share things with you whenever we want and in a form thats easily tag-able and searchable. Lastly, for those who have been searching for recordings to webinars, we’ve included a section here.


We’re going to pay more attention to the Discussion category. We’ll post discussion questions and challenges here regularly so that we can all continue to learn with each other.


Old and outdated examples posted by us have been removed from the category. we’ve now reserved this place for you to share examples of your own and take a look at examples shared by others.

The CL Team At Your Disposal

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