2 Activity Ideas

Would it be possible to incorporate these two ideas into the Activity Creators:

  1. Similar to the Snapshots idea, teachers could “release” 2 or 3 sample student responses on the actual slide in which it occurs. So instead of the automatic “share with class members” option that I can choose for an explanation, in the teacher page where I can see everyone’s snapshots, there would be a radio button or checkbox to “share with class” that would release when I click it, and it would appear on that slide. My thinking is that I can then filter the “model” answers and also help those students who might be having trouble with the question.

  2. I like the snapshots idea, but I find that if I don’t have a copy of at least the question or slide to which it pertains, I don’t use it much. The last time I set one up, I made images of the slide or question, so if I had a “snapshot” camera on the slide for me to grab as well as grabbing the student’s responses, it would be a little easier for me to use. (Admittedly, I have only used the snapshot option once or twice, but having to grab pics of the slide to which it refers is part of what is holding back my usage.)

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Thanks Curtis, We’ll add this to our feature request list.