Sharing graphs among students


Is there a (somewhat easy) way to gather a bunch of pictures of a class set of graphs and share it on another screen in CL? I’m having students create trig artwork on one screen and it’d be cool to have another screen where they could see the live artwork from the whole class set. The artwork that they’d be creating is totally open and may have many many lines of equations/lists/etc.
(Essentially: is there a way to enable the teacher dashboard view for a student slide)


No way to do that yet. Challenge creator is the closest thing we have to that feature, but that’s not broadly available yet.


Maybe we could have a simpler version of CC where they can share only a graph instead of a challenge?


Yeah, we’ve been thinking of that concept as something like a “gallery”, where there’s no responses, just a place to look at other students’ work. Similar to the original Desman.

We haven’t built it yet, though.


Would also be cool if students could work collaboratively on the same graph but from different machines, sort of like a google document. We were thinking of pre-work for an individually created art project being something like each student in a small group being responsible for creating, for example, one feature (nose, eye, mouth, etc) of a face and then adding it to a face graph shared with other students.

I’m assuming this doesn’t exist yet (or never will?) either, right?


That would be cool! Until then best advice is to have them work together 2-1 and discuss their strategies!