Actions modifying CL controlled values

I’ve noticed this green error message that appears when there is an action in a graph that acts on a variable that is set through CL. Is this new? I often use a structure like this when having a second graph act as controls for a first graph (as in this example). Does this mean that activities like this may break moving forward? If so, is there a suggested alternate way to do this?

Hey there Daniel! This warning is new, and activities with it may break in the future.

For the screen you shared, it’s easy enough to get rid of the warning by deleting the action named s_{tart}. Because the s_{tart} action isn’t ever called by the ticker, the behavior of the interaction remains unchanged.

Can you share links to any activities you use that have this warning now? I’d love to show them to our team.

I thought it was new! Deleting start doesn’t actually get rid of the warning, because it’s the update function that is the problem. It sets run to 0 after n reaches 2.

Whoops, sorry I missed that! If you get rid of that s_{tart} action and also delete the action that sets r_{un} to zero you should be good to go. You’re new action would look like:

u_{pdate}\left(x\right)=\left\{r_{un}=1:\left\{n\le2:n\to n+x\right\},n\to n\right\}

Ok, I think I’ve got it. Sometimes I get into trouble by having a ticker going in each graph. I need to remember to make sure all controls live in only one graph with the ticker, and then just sink that variable’s value into the other graph. I’ve updated this example activity to do that.

If I run across another example and can’t figure out how to restructure it to avoid this issue, I’ll post it here. Thanks!