Activity Rename Change Unpublished

When an activity is unpublished, renaming the activity does not reflect that name change on the custom activity list. Could we please have that minor change? :slight_smile:
Right now name change to an activity is only reflect on the custom activity list if that activity is already published.

Just publish it with the new name, then hit edit and continue to work on it as a draft.

Ah. I’ve been working on iPad and it seems like I wasn’t able to edit published stuff. Just published a sandbox activity, and I was able to edit draft.

Edit: Yea I just doubled check just incase. If I’m on Safari on an iPad, it does not let me edit published activity by clicking on “edit your activity” nor does it show “edit draft” after publishing. But if I’m on a regular computer, it does let me do that, and the “edit draft” option is also available as well.

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