Aggregate dot plot to create a sampling distribution

I have an aggregate dot plot that a friend is helping me edit. (I know nothing about CL).
Here is what we are trying to do.

Each kid will enter 2 proportions. I want those 2 proportions to graph with the rest of the class data.
The problem we are having is if 2 of the same values (which they will) show up. Instead of it stacking the dots one above the other so you can see the count of them, it is making all the values that are equal show up as overlapping points so it looks like one point only.

Any ideas?

Would you mind sharing what you have created so we can take a look at your vision so far? It’s a bit easier to help this way. Thanks!

I think my friends got it working like I hoped.

I have asked some of my kids to enter values so I can see if it will look right when there are 60+ responses.

I changed the domain on the graph to just show -0.1 to 1.2, or something like that but it is showing more than that
It is supposed to show as a sampling distribution from 0 to 1. …most values will likely be between .5-.9

I see what you mean now. I’m guessing you solved your problem using the join function? Each aggregate creates a numberList, so you would have two separate data sets in the beginning, which makes sense that some of the numbers would overlap.

Your intended domain isn’t showing up because there is code that overwrites what’s in the graph. Replace the bounds script in the graph component with this:

bounds: makeBounds(-0.1, 1.2, -2, this.number("C_M"))

Another thing you might want is an errorMessage for the input components that prevents a student entering a number outside the range you are looking for:

errorMessage: when this.numericValue<=0 or this.numericValue>=1 "Enter a number between 0 and 1" otherwise ""

The error code line of code has an orange triangle by it.

The errorMessage code should go on screen 1 for each input.

Oh. I get it now. thank you.

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