Zoom fit for an aggregated dot plot

Hi - I am trying to set up a dot plot that aggregates samples means collected from the group. I can make the dot plot work but I can’t get my bounds to automatically change based on the input … and I will need it, particularly on the y axis, for a large group.

Please can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
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I tried to base it on this activity from Jay - but I have clearly made an error somewhere!

Thank you!

I played around with this a little and changed a few things. I don’t know that there was any issues with the original, but when I tested out the changes I made and noticed it didn’t really work with only one data point. I generated a bunch of random data sets and it did seem to work correctly. I know it’s annoying, but I would try running a single session and then typing in a set of numbers using fake student accounts to make sure.

Here’s what I worked on. I commented some of the changes to the graph. Most of them are not needed for your example since you are using aggregate.

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I usually just # the aggregate code in my CL and use fake data lists. You can make a full list of fake data, but use another list that determines the bounds (I think M was one of her lists) that only uses 1…n, where n could be taken from an input to test if the bounds change. Also a bit hacky, but seems easier than using multiple fake accounts.


I didn’t know you could generate numberLists in the CL! I know this wasn’t possible at one point.

I guess I essentially did what you are describing but through the calculator.

Edit: Actually I think you were talking about putting those in the calculator too. I still think you can’t type a numberList into the CL.

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Thank you - that is a really great way to check it works!

Thanks so much - this is brilliant!

Yes, I meant in the graph. But define n in the CL.

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Oh man! I learn so many helpful things here after I spend a lot of time doing things inefficiently. Thank you!