Aggregate- Not showing all data

I am adapting Estimation 180 questions to Desmos. When I test it with multiple “students” it seems that not all of the data is showing for all of the students. Possibly only the earliest student who enters the data sees all of the data, or possibly students will only be able to see data entered after they have entered their data. I would like to be able to set it up so all students see all data that has been entered-- this would mean that earlier student screens would need to update. Thoughts? (Here is a current version:

It should be possible. Screens should continue to update as new data comes in. Can you share the teacher link?

Teacher Link.


It seems to me that you can fix everything just by changing the three points (a,N), (b,M), (c,O) to (1,N), (2,M), (3,O) in your graph.

If you don’t want the points to overlap, then, you need to rescale the lists (1+.02a,N), (2+.02a,M), (3+.02a,O)

I made the changes to (1, N), (2,N) and (3,O) and ran a test with 4 students. Still issues-- with scaling and with showing all the data. Hmm…
Nice idea about the overlap.

I think I see the problem. The minimum and maximum y-values on your plot are set by the values of each individual student. However, you should set y_{M}=max(max(M)+5,10)

I came up with an alternative way of displaying duplicate data. Use bigger “points” to represent more data points. Here’s a link to showcase it. [Copy of] Estimation 180 • Activity Builder by Desmos

Really nice. Going to try it with kids next week. Thanks!