Animation Adjustments on Parabola

I’m looking to adjust the speed on this animation so it’s more realistic and will follow along with the science being represented.

In its current state the speed is increasing as it reaches the top of each side and decreases at the bottom of the ramp. I understand why this is happening mathematically, but I’m wondering if anyone has some tips on making these adjustments.

I also don’t love the position/angle of my skater all the way through so I’m open to help/suggestions.


How’s this? (Edit: Sorry, I just changed the angle of the skater. Didn’t try anything with the speed.)

Basically, found the line perpendicular to the tangent line, and the angle of inclination. Then, used the angle to find a point 1 unit from the tangent point, and used that as the center of your image.

I got a busy week ahead, but I might play around with this in a week or so if you don’t find a solution.

Not sure if this is helpful, but here is parabolic motion using physics rather than mathematics. Projectile Motion (Kinematic) with Vector

Not super excited about this — BUT – the speed should be fixed.

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Actually, looking back at it. Your speed is fine mathematically (the horizontal component is constant as it should be). If you click on the animation properties, you can speed it up to be visually closer to reality without having to tweak everything to actually match gravity.