Changing animation image as it follows a graph?


I’m creating an animation of a diver jumping off a platform and the image changes as she dives: Quadratic diving animation • Activity Builder by Desmos

I don’t know how to animate/define the input variables so the diver appears in one motion along the two parabolas. It would also be nice if it allows students to click a button or the image to have the diver animation start.

Does anyone know how to do these things? =/

Here you go. I changed to only 2 pics. I’m using only a for the time. Since your functions f and g have restrictions, the images won’t display until a is in that range. I also smoothed out the animation by using the slope of the tangent line (with a little adjustment) for the pictures’ angle. Then, I added some animation parameters into the CL. It makes the playhead appear, so you can start, pause, and slide to the times you want.

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THANK YOU!!! This is awesome! =D