Anonymous to Students, not Teacher?

Is it possible to set the “share with class” option to always be anonymous? I believe it shows anonymous names to students when I turn that feature on from the teacher dashboard, but that makes it challenging for me to track who the work belongs to (duh). Is there an option that would hide student names or keep students names anonymous in the student-facing view but not the teacher-facing view?


This is definitely a want from teachers in my building too! It is great for students to not be able to connect a specific idea or answer to another student, but it is really challenging as the teacher, to be able to keep track of who is struggling and who isn’t, when we change the name display to anonymous

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Thanks for the request, we’ll forward it to our product team for consideration in the next update. Until then, hovering over an anonymized student’s name will pop up their real name. Helpful if you need to know who needs help without exiting anonymous mode for the whole class.