Unhiding a student

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I clicked on hide a student within an activity, his name completely disappeared from the dashboard for that activity. I can see the work he completed by going into class roster and looking at his activity log, but I cannot leave comments on his work.

But I expected to be able to unhide his work easily but for the life of me I cannot locate anything to click on that says unhide within the activity itself. Again, his name is no longer listed in the dashboard for the particular activity, so I cannot click on 3 dots to get the unhide option (that was where I found the hide option)

Hey there!

This is a great question for our support staff to handle. Could you contact them by emailing support@desmos.com?

Thanks Jay, I just figured it out. If I scroll to the bottom of the dashboard screen, I can see in the last row “hidden student” that I can then click on 3 dots to unhide. It didn’t even occur to me to scroll down!